Learn the exact process of a $200M solo annuity agent!

A real agent, training real agents.

Have You Ever…

  • Done all the “right” things but not seen growth?

  • Felt disappointment when you lose deal after deal and can’t figure out why?

  • Spent hundreds or thousands on “high quality” leads but don’t get enough appointments?

  • Felt like you’re letting yourself and your family down, but can’t figure out how to break through?

  • Felt like the training you have isn’t actually coming from people with authority in the field?

  • Been so frustrated that you’ve considered leaving the industry?

  • Felt capped in your current situation and need help accelerating your annuity business?

  • Felt overwhelmed at the potential for making mistakes with hundreds of thousands or millions of your clients’ dollars?

I have too...

Let me explain how I went from being $150,000 in debt with no end in sight to being one of the nations top producers and living my dream life!

Hi! I'm Chad Owen!

I'm The Annuity Sales Coach and I’m so bold as to call myself that because in an industry full of people who want to take from agents at every opportunity, they need a coach to guide them through the junk. That’s exactly what I can do for you. So many agents feel like they’re fighting an uphill battle and are stressed and frustrated because they can’t get ahead. This is probably you right now, wanting so desperately to reach your financial freedom goals, but feeling like at times you have so many hoops to jump through to get there. This is where I can help, so here’s my obligatory credibility building plug first so you can understand who I am and why you should listen to me.

In 2008, my world was crumbling and crashing down from all sides - my daughter was on the verge of death after a massive brain aneurysm, was wife was dealing with skin cancer, I was dealing with a major throat surgery, and we were $150,000 in credit card debt as I was funding the start of my business. Needless to say, we were stressed to the max. Everything in me was exhausted with the grind, but I knew that my family needed me to step up and lead. I felt like I was floundering, doing all the right things but just spinning my wheels. Have you had those wheel spinning moments?

At this moment, I put my head down and found a system that transformed my business. You might be thinking, “there’s no way you found a system and overnight your business was transformed,” and to that I’ll say, you’re 100% right. The system I found began with an overhaul of the ways I was thinking and approaching my business, and it’s still being refined every day. That’s how I’ve still managed to scale in the midst of a pandemic, and in the heights of the market. The past 4 years alone my sales have increased over 100%, because I’m still improving and still refining.

When I discovered this system, my life was forever changed and the trajectory of my business did a complete 180. My stress went down, my confidence went through the roof, more leads were converting to satisfied clients, my income was quickly going up, and most importantly, I had a firm foundation to stand on when things got hard (and trust me my friend, you’ll have seasons where things get hard).

So that’s me, Chad, unfiltered and being real. I make my own calls, schedule my own appointments, do my own follow up,  just like you. I struggle, just like you. I get frustrated, just like you. We’re probably not that different. In fact, I don’t even have a college degree, so some of you are probably more equipped to “be successful” in a lot of ways than me. We’re very similar in so many ways, yet I’ve written over $200,000,000 in personal annuity production and make (on average) 10X the average doctor salary in the United States and you don’t...why?

It’s because my system works and you’ve most likely been sold a broken system that 99% of agents fall victim to unintentionally. If you’re struggling, there’s so much hope for your business! I have coaching programs and a full blown training platform that walks you through my entire sales process, but I’m going to walk you through the ways I want to help you for free before I ever try and get a dime from you! My goal is to make a difference in your life, then the next agent, then the next. That’s what’ll bring industry transformation. Life transformation. I want to give you so much free information and help you that maybe at some point in the future (if it makes sense for you) you’ll consider investing back into one of my coaching programs to accelerate your business. Sounds fair, right?

So read on and let me show you what I want to give to you to set your business up for success…