Hi, I'm Chad Owen!

I love Jesus, my wife, my family, my friends, hunting, traveling, and big trucks. What I do in the annuity industry allows me to pour into all of those other areas. Since 2008, I’ve personally produced over $210,000,000 in annuity premium. I’m a published author, radio show host, mentor, trainer, business owner, and all of it is to grow the Kingdom of God.

Before I was able to accomplish all of that I was a young man struggling. I come from a broken home, and I have no college degree. When I was transitioning from corporate America to the insurance industry, I wound up with $150,000 in credit card debt, my 12-year-old daughter had a brain aneurysm, my wife had skin cancer, and I had major throat surgery all around the same time. To say that the odds were stacked against me is an understatement, but I’ve learned that when the pressure inside of you is greater than the pressure outside of you, nothing can crush you.

Learning that was the turning point for me. It’s that mentality that has propelled me forward over all these years. Your “why” has to be defined, it has to be what drives you forward. For me, my “why” is to advance the Kingdom of God, and that pushed me through the challenging times, and the adversity. 

My “why” is also to help others enjoy the freedom lifestyle that I get to live every single day. That’s why I created Retirement Realized and The Annuity Sales Coach. Dive into the Blog, the Podcast, the other Free Resources. Reach out to my team and figure out if it makes sense for you to get plugged into my training platform or my FMO. Remember, we’re here to help agents just like you, and we have the resources to do it, so use us!

Happy Selling!

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