Leads are not your problem!


Let me debunk the myth that leads are king in your business…

I hear these things weekly…”Do you have any lead systems in your academy?” “What are your leads?” “How can I get the leads you have?” “If I could just get the great leads you have then I’d be set in my business!”

The Problem is in the Perspective

“If I could write $4.5 million in annuity premium off of mortgage protection ‘A,’ ‘B,’ and ‘C’ leads then you can have success with your current leads! Stop chasing the next great source and capitalize on what you have!”

As you just saw above, I wrote $4.5 MILLION in annuity premium on the leads that no one else wanted to touch. These were mostly leads that were months to a year+ old and many of them would’ve seemed impossible to close for most agents. I saw it as an opportunity to get leads for cheap and refine my skills with the potential to actually make money.

Leads are NOT king!

Are you buying into the lie that leads are king? If you are, don’t worry, but also don’t stay where you are. It’s time for you to shift your mindset. Your process is king! If you have a process that is rock-solid and customer centered, then your annuity business will thrive. That’s the key to breaking through the barriers in front of you! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a training call with an agent writing $5M+ who is still making basic mistakes in their sales process. This is GOOD news. This means that with just a few tweaks in your business, you can be writing elite production numbers without having to spend thousands more on your marketing costs. Often these same agents writing $5M can jump up to $10M+ in a short time because the PROCESS will make or break your success. Focus on developing your system, and over time you can improve your lead systems.

“Focusing on finding leads alone is like going out to a stock tank full of fish and not knowing how to cast your line in the water.”

Learn to Fish

I can’t stress this enough…learn HOW to fish! The how is the most important part of the equation. I didn’t write $18.7M in personal annuity production last year because of my leads. I wrote that much because I am constantly studying and constantly refining my process. I’ve never “arrived” and I’ll never be satisfied since there are millions of prospects who need the products I have available. I can help you refine this process. It’s what I do as an annuity sales coach. I care about agents being successful in this industry. Every agent who is running their business with ethics, honor, and integrity is re-writing the narrative of our industry. That’s why I give away so much content for free. Please continue learning and be part of the solution for the annuity industry! We’re entering the golden age of annuity sales. Don’t miss out!


Chad Owen

I want to offer you so many free resources to help grow your business so you’ll continue to want to work with me!

You deserve to live a freedom lifestyle. Don’t hold yourself back from your true potential. Happy Selling!

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