What gets you out of bed in the morning?


Your WHY in this business will trickle into everything that you do.

Why are you in the insurance and annuity sales business? Take a moment and think about it…Is it to build a life of freedom and abundance for yourself and your family? To help your clients? To be able to travel more? To finally take your wife on that dream vacation? To save worry-free for your kids’ college tuition?

Remember the life you WANT to live.

One of the first questions I ask the agents I’m mentoring is, “What does your dream life look like?” This might seem like an elementary question, but it’s the most powerful question you can ask yourself because this future reality is the thing that you are working toward. If you’re working to makes ends meet and that is your goal, you will stay stuck in that perpetual cycle. You have to look beyond your current circumstances if you want to experience future success.

“Purpose is key to sustaining a thriving annuity business. It’s the one thing that will pull you through the difficult times.”

If this is you, don’t worry! The cycle of just getting by ends now! I believe that you are equipped to live out your dreams. You might not have all of the training or experience you need to get there yet, but if you are a living, breathing human, then you have all you need to be equipped. It’s that simple. As people, we each have an innate drive to succeed. All we have to do is focus that drive on the right things for us to start heading in the right direction.

Are your dreams worth fighting for?

If you feel stuck in your business, then I encourage you to pause and reflect on why you got into this business in the first place. Often when I feel stuck in my business, I recognize that I’ve lost sight of my ultimate drivers for success. For me, I want to create a life of generosity, adventure, abundance, togetherness, and freedom for my family. I never want my kids to have to struggle and stress over a roll of quarters like my wife and I did early in our marriage. These are my drivers. I’ve dreamed about what this life looks like. I think about it all the time. It’s what I fall back on when I’ve gone three weeks without a sale to keep myself energized and upbeat. My “why” in this business is unshakable, and because of this, I’m unshakable. I’ll do WHATEVER it takes to succeed because it’s not just my life and happiness on the line. I’m building a legacy for my children’s children.

Take time to map out your goals.

“If you never know what your end goal is then you’ll always be left feeling like you have fallen short. Failure to define your goals will result in the failure to ever reach them.”

My income is higher than many doctors and CEOs, but I still keep my eyes on where I’m headed. The way I set goals is different for me now than it was when I was in my 20s and 30s, but I still keep track of my goals. I have a dream board in my office that’s 8′ x 5′ so I can see my goals daily. When I accomplish one of them, I set another. Many business people, especially insurance and financial professionals, look down on this kind of thing as being a “rah-rah” approach to self-motivation. I couldn’t disagree more! Without keeping yourself motivated, how can you ever realistically expect to succeed at ANYTHING, let alone a very difficult business?

Getting started down this path.

You might be thinking, this all sounds great, but what do I need to do practically to get my business headed in the right direction? The first thing to do is grab a pen and piece of paper. I want you to map out your future life in detail – what’s your family life like? What does your home look like? Are you active in your community? How do you feel internally? Are you happy? Are you struggling? Are you thriving? Be detailed! The more you can create this reality in your mind, the more you’ll be able to lean on these goals and dreams when things get hard! Once you do that, talk with your spouse if you’re married and get their opinions. Dream together. This last part is very important so pay close attention… Talk about the sacrifice it will take to accomplish these goals! I can’t stress that enough. You’ll have to make sacrifices to reach your goals, and you need to outline what they’ll be ahead of time so they don’t cause stress for you and your spouse when they arise down the road. Success is within reach and I believe that if you put in the effort, you can be successful in this industry! If you want more in depth training, enroll in Retirement Realized Agents Academy where I unpack my entire process from call to close!


Chad Owen

I want to offer you so many free resources to help grow your business so you’ll continue to want to work with me!

You deserve to live a freedom lifestyle. Don’t hold yourself back from your true potential. Happy Selling!

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