Why are annuities needed?


What is it about our products that our clients really want?

Peace of Mind

As an annuity producer, you offer your prospects one thing that, for many, far surpasses the rest in importance: peace of mind. You can offer them something that no broker has the ability to give them. Don’t forget that! When you’re in an appointment, this is what you need to focus on. Your prospects have been saving for decades to be able to retire worry free, and spoiler alert, MANY of them are not living worry free in their retirement years. So many retirees are living in fear. They’re living with the constant thought of whether or not their money will last or whether they’ll be able to pass money onto their children and grandchildren. Not to mention the worry that so many feel about potential losses in the market.

“We as annuity sales people offer something brokers cannot in many cases… safety and security with no risk to the market and guaranteed income that our clients can never out-live.”

If we can truly offer our prospects a solution to their biggest issue, peace of mind, then we never have to worry about sketchy “sales methods” and hard closing to get the deal. Our sole focus then becomes acting in their best interest.

What is the wrong approach?

It’s important to recognize that if you’re not series licensed then you can legally never tell your prospects that they need to get out of the market, and there can actually be serious legal repercussions if you ever do this. Just be safe – don’t do it! Our job as licensed insurance professionals who sell annuities is to inform and protect. If we would spend our appointment time explaining factually how our products have performed historically and constantly paint the picture of peace of mind. High-pressure tactics and hard-selling are NOT “techniques” you should be using in your appointments. These approaches are not right for our business and are likely to get you in trouble.

First Thing’s First

“If you put all of your energy into doing what’s best for your clients, the results will far surpass anything you could’ve dreamed for.”

This business is quite simple: Do what’s best for the client, and if you can’t provide a better solution then walk away. Don’t try to force something if it doesn’t make sense. Money has no emotions. It does what it does. It either works or it doesn’t. We can’t force a client’s situation to fit within the guardrails of our products if it doesn’t make sense for them.

At the end of the day, what’s the why?

At the end of the day, our clients are after 2 things – protecting and growing their retirement accounts. If they are looking for safety, security, guaranteed income that they can never out live with no risk to the market, then you can help them. Remember, our clients are looking for peace of mind, and we CAN provide that. That’s why we do what we do. The financial compensation becomes the icing on the cake.


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